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Beyond Dreams - Hennie Bekker


Beyond Dreams de Hennie Bekker (sortie 22 juillet 2016)
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Beyond Dreams de Hennie Bekker
Installez-vous, fermez les yeux, écoutez, relaxez...
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Spectrum - An anthology of relaxing instrumental music album de HENNIE BEKKER


Nouveauté sur Radio-PLENITUDE à compter du 19 février 2012
SPECTRUM - An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music
Nouvel album de HENNIE BEKKER


Spectrum – An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music, is a celebration and showcase of Hennie Bekker’s remarkable strength as a multi-genre artist, featuring a colorful sequence of music from some of his most memorable albums, including the best selling Spring Rain, Summer Breeze, Temba and Reverie. Spectrum unfolds with an uplifting array of Hennie Bekker’s musical footprints, inviting the listener on a peaceful instrumental journey through a lifetime of timeless musical expression, from echoing soundscapes of the ancient African jungle, to romantic piano and modern ambient sounds.

Tracklist :
1. Spring Rain
2. The Heart of Africa
3. Bahia Nights
4. Mystical Mother
5. Urban Trance
6. Stormy Sunday
7. Amani (Peace)
8. Alone In a Dream (Excerpt)
9. Tranquility
10. Elusive Sensation (Excerpt)
11. Entranced
12. Always There
13. Sands of Time
14. Silent Embrace


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