An invitation to Wellness

Because relaxation has become essential, the musical programming of Radio PLENITUDE is soothing, ideal for relaxation, the wellness or simply to create a serene and warm atmosphere.
Musical style : Relaxation, New-Age, Downtempo, Chill-out, Ambient, Lounge, Spiritual. Let yourself be carried away by the musical sounds and off to discover great sound spaces.
Radio PLENITUDE shares with you its jewels sounds for the heart and mind. 24h/24 et 7/7.

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Artists of the moment : Jacques Y. Fafard et Lise Charbonneau, Anaamaly, Heartistry, Ken Elkinson, Kamarius (K Ambient Sounds), Logos (Stephen Sicard), Jean-Marc Staehle, Michel Pépé, Ben Gagnon, Anantakara, Franck Courtheoux, Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Anaamaly, Forrest Smithson, Ashaneen

Albums of the moment : Compassion, UrbanMetta Vol. 2, Inner Sanctum, Music for commuting-Volumes 7-12, Serene Places, Le temps des Archanges, Rêve de Fée, La Forêt d'Eden, Immersion, Voyager, The Never Dying Fire, Musical Moment, Whispers from Silence, UrbanMetta Vol.1, Jouney of the Outshining Source, Dancing on the Edge of Infinity

Compassion-Jacques Y. Fafard et Lise Charbonneau

UrbanMetta Vol. 2-Anaamaly

Inner Sanctum - Heartistry

Music for commuting-Volumes 7-12 - Ken Elkinson

Serene Places - Kamarius (K Ambient Sounds)

Le temps des Archanges-Logos (Stephen Sicard)

Rêve de Fée-Jean-Marc Staehle

La Forêt d'Eden-Michel Pépé

Immersion-Ben Gagnon

Voyager-Ben Gagnon

The Never Dying Fire - Anantakara

Musical Moment-Franck Courtheoux

Whispers From Silence-Tm Moore & Sherry Finzer

UrbanMetta Vol.1-Anaamaly

The programming of Radio PLENITUDE Webradio gives pride to artists, musicians, composers and interpreters such as Will Dorf, Damien Dubois, Fabrice Tonnellier, Michel Pépé, Logos (Stephen Sicard), Jean-Marc Staehle, Deuter, Rémi Orts Project, Wolfsheart, Alain Dauzidou, Patrick Bernard, Alexandre Dudermel, Transcend with Time, Cyrus, François Serre, Geminca, Ted Scotto, Franck Courtheoux alias Aimemotion, Kamarius, David Wahler, Kosmoze, Frank Steiner Jr., Ashaneen (Piotr Janeczek), Jef Mounet, David Thomas, Chris Haugen, Peter Kater, Anantakara, Ben Gagnon, Eric Saunier, Llewellyn, Joève, Terry Oldfield, Kerani, Axel Paris, Aeoliah, Karunesh, Lama Gyurme, Riley Lee, Hennie Bekker, Dan Gibson, Vincent Bruley, Thierry Dedieu, Iasos, Liquid Mind, Steven Halpern, Eric Aron, Nicolas Dri, Tony Scott, David Sun, Madhura, Howard Baer, Gerald Jay Markoe, Kamal, Ken Elkinson, Paul Vens & Friends, Jonathan Goldman, Guna Sangah, Natobi & Wa Kan, Chrystalia, Ben Leinbach, Aetherium, George Raphael, David Naegele, Anuvida & Nik Tyndall, Robert Haig Coxon, Kitaro, Thierry Morati, Philippe Saunier, Peter Kater, Frantz Amathy, Stephen Rhodes, Shajan, Claude Desarzens et Christophe Martin De Montagu, Michaël Goldberg, Medwyn Goodall, Dakini Mandarava, Swami Bandam, Erik Berglund, Roland Hanneman & Steve Quinz, Peter Sterling, Jill Haley, David Miles Huber, Marc Durst, Daniel Otsuka, Ron Allen, Tom E.Morrison, Xavier Boscher, Parijat, Steve Milligton, André Garceaux et Bruno Lachi, Jean-Paul Trombert, Daniel Kobialka, Unbekannter Künstler, Roger St.Denis, Dan Blanchard, Kerani, Isadar, Michael Brant Demaria, Rick Batyr, Dasi, Scott August, Rebecca Oswald, Ricky Kej, Benjamin Bubb, Rick Sparks, Masako, Laura Sullivan, Sambox, Trine Opsahl, Erik Scott, Co-Rento, Anantakara, Philip Wesley, Ryan Stewart, JF Parish, Corciolli, Robin Spielberg, Jeff Oster, Der Waldläufer, Kelly Andrew, Erik Scott, Phoenix Rising, Al Conti, Anaya Music, Carl Weingarten, Louis Coloiannia, Ajeet Kaur, Collection Gaïa, Collection Solitudes, Collection Bien-être, Collection Chlorophylle, Collection Oxygène, Collection NatureQuest, Collection Nature's Harmony, Musique des sciences de l'âme, Musique et Santé (Centre international de musicothérapie), Byron Metcalf, Patrick Vuillaume & Nicole Bally and many others...
Find all known Artists, Composers, Performers... and let yourself be carried also to discover new talents...