Dixit Anantakara :
"Anantakara is a Sanskrit adjective translated as" rendered without end, magnify indefinitely, make indefinite or infinite. " It is "imposed" so I was looking for a title that would meet my musical artistic intention: walk sound to be endlessly browsing the quest for the meeting point opposite, an unexpected point that regenerates and done with calligraphy sound. A verticality that infuses a horizontality. Sound designer project, meaning and breath by opening space-time in which we follow initiatory journey over audible chants invoking poetic inwardness, imaginary and spiritual.
I deploy a music that revolves around the "sound", its immanence, and no longer around the "sonority" as our classical and modern inheritances have taught us. It is a music that opens up to the dimension of the cosmos, and thus to spatialization: the top, the bottom, the extent, the orientations, the cycles, the slips. The sound is approached as a matter in its own right - with its own requirements - which ... fold in fold, awakens and extends like a universe. With its own time, its singular coherence, its unique typology, its imperious necessity. And the more imperious it is, the more dense will be its crossing; The more there will be unexpected, surprise, real and universal. A tear in the veil of the known. From sound to being. Improvisation has an important part in my compositions. As I like to repeat it "Improviser does not improvise". It is a way of being. Composing is above all listening.
The Anantakara music is inspired by a broad spectrum of contemporary music in shamanic music, electro Indian ragas, rock affronts techno, ambient jazz ... and explores theater , Performance, cinema, ritual, contemplation, dance ... "

Anantakara is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
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