Alain Dauzidou

Alain Dauzidou


Alain Dauzidou is a French pianist composer of music, SACEM member since 2014.
His compositions are veritable oases of well-being, harmoniously blending different families of musical instruments, and it is with their tessits, their modes of transposition, their dynamics and their agility, that he invites us through his inspired and musical universe to move towards immense immersion in the depths of our inner world.
Alain Dauzidou is also a simply awakened artist who mastered his mind to let animate through him this music that brings us a moment of calm and serenity.
As Composer in the image and Sound Designer he also develops creativity for photography and video, and it is through his travels that he associates the images with his compositions to make many clips that he diffuses on Youtube.

Alain Dauzidou is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
Sit back, listen, enjoy...


Naissance by Alain Dauzidou Eveil by Alain Dauzidou