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French self-taught artist-composer of Italian origin , Michel Pépé, born in 1962 in Paris, is considered in France and in many countries as one of the most talented composers of music for Relaxation and Well-being.
He began studying piano at the age of 7 years and after a few years, he learned the guitar and writing music. Fascinated by the emerging possibilities of electronic music, he engages in a parallel process of self-knowledge. This led him to become interested in the therapeutic action of sound. In 1990, he decided to devote himself to composition and begins to develop albums that combines different sound worlds, classical and symphonic harmonies, traditional musical instruments from various cultures, sounds futuristic, crystal and soft. His music is used by various therapists, especially in the areas of Relaxation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Massage, Relaxation therapy ... and also serve to support many TV shows about having to ecology, nature, exploration, animal life, etc.
He is the author of several albums discography, found at FNAC, in esoteric bookstores, health food stores, the Leclerc cultural centers, Cultura stores and many websites as AMAZON, and for download on iTunes.
He regularly gives concerts in France accompanied by fairy audiovisual performances, mingling sacred dance, tai chi chuan and projections on the big screen movies on the nature and the sacred architecture of the beauty of the planet.
He happened in Paris at the Espace Cardin, the Planetarium of the Palace of Discovery and Space St- Martin, and in the castle Lacoste of Pierre Cardin in where he gave several concerts with his friend composer Logos (Stephen Sicard), at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, Toulouse, Avignon, Lyon, Annecy, Grenoble, Carcassonne, Biarritz, Rouen center... Dhagpo Buddhist Kagyu Ling in Dordogne, etc. He also gave several concerts abroad : United States, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, New Caledonia, Tahiti...
Through its concerts , Michel Pépé is also involved in many ecological and spiritual projects on the environment, humanitarian...

Michel Pépé is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
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La Forêt d'Eden (september 2017) by Michel Pépé La Pureté de l'Esprit (septembre 2016) by Michel Pépé Offrandes - Best of 2008-2015 (mars 2016) by Michel Pépé Océan de Lumière  (21 Août 2015) by Michel Pépé Natura Mystica (1er Septembre 2014) by Michel Pépé La Cascade Féerique (1er Septembre 2013) by Michel Pépé Elixir d'Amour (Septembre 2012) by Michel Pépé Harmonia Celesta (Mars 2012) by collaboration Michel Pépé et Logos L'Archange du Soleil (Août 2011) by Michel Pépé Immensité (2010) by Michel Pépé L'Eveil du Lotus (2009) by Michel Pépé Le Chemin du Nirvana (2008) by Michel Pépé Lumières de Vie (compilation 2001-2008) by Michel Pépé Joyaux et Merveilles (2007) by Michel Pépé Splendeur d'Eternité (2006) by Michel Pépé Harmonia Terra (Février 2006) by collaboration Michel Pépé et Logos Plénitude (2005) by Michel Pépé Présence de l'Ange (2004) by Michel Pépé The Wings of Love (Best of international 1995-2003) by Michel Pépé Divine Oasis (2003) by Michel Pépé La Source d'Emeraude (2002) by Michel Pépé Floraisons Sacrées (compilation 1995-2001) by Michel Pépé Alchimia d'Amore (2001) by Michel Pépé Eurasia (2000) by Michel Pépé Les 4 Eléments (2000) by compilation Michel Pépé et Logos Harmonia Millenium (1999) by collaboration Michel Pépé et Logos Les Ailes de Lumière (1999) by Michel Pépé Le Jardin de Cristal (1997) by Michel Pépé Les Perles du Coeur (Best of 1990-1995) by Michel Pépé Terre Céleste (1995) by Michel Pépé Diamant Solaire (1994) by Michel Pépé Purification (1992) by Michel Pépé Transcendances (1991) by Michel Pépé

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