Ted Scotto


Author, composer, performer, orchestra conductor.
Pseudonymous artist : Ted Scotto, Yan Tregger
Final member of the SACEM
Member of the SACD, the UPFI, the SPPF, ADAMI
Ted Scotto composed his first song, "La Lune est à nous", a contest finalist chaired by Jack Diéval who encouraged him.
He took singing lessons with Jean Lumière and Mrs.Charlot.
Participating in Petit Conservatoire de Mireille, he met René Borg and composes and interprets on trumpet, for this cartoonist generic, the cult TV series "Les Shadocks".
Ted Scotto meets and puts into songs the texts of poets of the time : Pierre Seghers, Armand Lanoux, Aragon, Francis Blanche, Jacques Prévert, Gerard and Jean-Louis Mourgue Vallas. In 1967, he participated as composer-interpreter in "Les Rose d'Or d'Antibes".
He composes and directs a symphonic orchestra of 40 musicians for the realization of the recording of music ARIEL, advertising film by young director Jean-Jacques Annaud.
Ted Scotto begins to be known by producers and publishers as a composer, arranger, and orchestra conductor. He creates and records around ten of 33 tours instrumental in pop years.
Ted Scotto continues its series of recordings and surfs on the wave of the Disco, creating the legendary Soul group MBT, ranked Canadian Billboard with 100,000 copies sold. Today, MBT Soul titles are taken up regularly by the best Deejays.
Ted Scotto started composing three symphonic works, including "La Lumière des Etoiles" he directs for this the National Symphonic Orchestra of Luxembourg (70 musicians).
For symphonic works : "La Fête d’Amour et de Mort", "Promenade sur les Champs Elysées" et "La Marche", works recorded for Radio France, he will lead a Symphonic Orchestra of 45 musicians.
Same time, he composes music for some advertising communication or for feature films.
In 1981, he creates the disc of the first Paris Festival of Fantasy Film and Science Fiction.
Years 1990-2000
Ted Scotto tackles relaxation music and starts into new creations with the Nature collection, which has since more than twenty years a great success with their producer and distributor Nature et Découvertes. Music of the Nature collection are used in maternity units and paramedical care.
Like many composers he produces the recordings of his discs in his studio.
In 1998 under the Ellébore label his NATURE disc created in 1994 reached the level of 120,000 albums sales.
Since 1998 it was with the Vox Terrae label distributed by Nature et Découvertes that he will continue the operation of this disc which exceeded today 250,000 albums sales and he was awarded a double disc PLATINE.
Years 2000-2012
In 2005 he created the NATURE 2 disc.
Since 2009 Ted Scotto always manages music catalog distributed by Nature et Découvertes. His records are regularly selected for the Victoires de la Musique (2003/2007/2011).

Ted Scotto is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
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 Nature 3 de Ted Scotto  Nature de Bohême by Ted Scotto Nature Sud-Américaine by Ted Scotto Nature du Monde by Ted Scotto Nature Relaxation Meditation by Ted Scotto Nature Tango by Ted Scotto Nature Evasion by Ted Scotto Nature 2 by Ted Scotto Best Off 2 by Ted Scotto Nature et Legendes by Ted Scotto Nature des Iles by Ted Scotto Nature Peruvienne by Ted Scotto Ambre by Ted Scotto Nature Irlandaise by Ted Scotto Nature Chinoise by Ted Scotto Source by Ted Scotto Best Of n°1 by Ted Scotto Decouvertes by Ted Scotto Nature by Ted Scotto

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