Three-time Native American Music Award Winner, Recording Artist and Performer, Native American Flute Player and Singer, who is perhaps best known for his multiple award-winning rock band Big City Indians is a well-known artist who honors Native American culture through his music.
His Indian spirit has carried him to faraway lands across Europe and the U.S. like the Zion Canyon Flute Festival to share his soulful flute music and his Native American leanings. He has received many prestigious awards including three Native American Music Awards. He has also won the Silver Arrow Award multiple times throughout his career thus far. Since his childhood days he feels closely related to nature and freedom. Growing-up in a surrounding, which accepted his personality, Wolfsheart naturally interiorized the Native way of life. The strong respect for mother earth and her gifts as well as for the dignity of every human being is a basic intrinsic value he believes in.
Thus, it was a great honor for him to receive the Indian name WOLFSHEART from a Kalapuya Native during a special honorary ceremony. The wolf is a creature with a high sense of loyalty and strength.
Wolfsheart´s emotional soft woodwind notes are able to transfer you into a state of total relaxation, while stimulating your soul at the same time. Travel through the boulevard of your dreams and find yourself in an oasis of meditative inner peace. Unique tunes explore the landscapes of the soul, allowing for stimulating moments of relaxation. Atmospheric moods and feelings invite you to a journey of fantasy.

WOLFSHEART is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
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Acoustic Ride (2019) - WOLFSHEART & Robert Horak Into The White Desert Sky (2016) by WOLFSHEART Wolf Moon Rising (2012) by WOLFSHEART The Call of the Canions (2010) by WOLFSHEAR


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