Eternal - Kevin Wood

Eternal by Kevin Wood
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Eternal by Kevin Wood

A journey of spiritual transformation, "Eternal" combines sacred and tribal chant with classical instrumentation to create a memorable musical landscape. Featuring ten guest artists — including renowned cellists Jami Sieber and South Africa’s Francois le Roux — every song is sure to transport you to beautiful and enchanting realms of peace.
Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax ...
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CD 55'23 - 12 titles

Titles : Time
1. In Search Of Meaning 6’14
2. Light Shines Through 5’15
3. Father's Love 2’59
4. Love's Embrace 6’03
5. Time For Change 5’51
6. Grace Eternal (Pachelbel's Canon) 6’52
7. Peace Begins With Me 2’25
8. Compassion Reigns 2’38
9. Blessed Awakening 5’16
10. Life Eternal 4’23
11. Atonement 4’50
12. Stillness (Postlude) 2’35

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