Resonance - Peter Kater

Resonance by Peter Kater (october 2016)
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Resonance by Peter Kater

Peter Kater, a leading innovator of contemporary instrumental music for over three decades, has created a new album, Resonance on New Earth Records, that captures the most important aspects of the best new age music, soothing, relaxing, healing, melodic, illuminating and consciousness-expanding.
The recording contains eight new contemplative, introspective compositions (several are more than nine-minutes in length), and each features Kater’s trademark piano playing quietly supplemented with synthesizers, gongs, chimes and gentle strings.
“This music emerged within a three-month period of deep inquiry and reflection,” Kater explains.  “It was born of the fire and ashes of self-dissolution and self-discovery, of a deep longing for connection and sustained intimacy, and a powerful surrender into and acceptance of what ‘is’.  There is love and there is fear. There is light and there is darkness. And as we learn to embrace all of our selves and all of each other, we nurture the experience of grace and compassion, and a deep loving and passionate peace. Throughout our life’s experience, within ourselves and each other, we share a deep ‘resonance’ with all that exists.”
Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax...
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CD 60'05 - 8 titles
Titles : Time
1. Resonance 5’17
2. Twilight Star 6’37
3. Echo Inside 9’00
4. Night’s Cavern 9’47
5. One Flame 6’21
6. Venus in Pisces 9’11
7. Rebirth 9’57
8. Resonance (Reprise) 3’55

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