Sipping Beauty - Tom Grant

Sipping Beauty by Tom Grant
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Sipping Beauty by Tom Grant

One of the pioneers of the smooth jazz genre,pianist Tom Grant, releases his second foray into the new age music genre with Sipping Beauty, a beguiling mixture of instrumentals, highlighted by warm, flowing melodies, gentle rhythms, and an overall sensation of calm and serenity, accented bysubtle sensuality and suffused with palpable romanticism.
yet soulful piano playing is accented with lush keyboard textures and spoton rhythms, as well as superb accompaniment from guest artists Kevin Karrick on guitat and David captein on bass and sitar. Besides the more typical new age music characteristics, Grant also sprinkles in some of his +ignat'r+r'e saoo+h-|az+-elemen+s-s'a-sesre t+acks,es,mellsr*-chillout grooves.
Sipping Beauty will no doubt become one of you and your listeners 'or readers' favorite recotdings, The album's ten tracks offer one aural delight after the other, unified by Tom Grant's artistry and vision of a world bound together by music and beauty..

Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax...
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CD 0:59:44 - 10 titles
Titles : Time
1. Petrichor Perfume 6’14
2. Sun-Kissed Beings 6’00
3. Sipping Beauty/td> 5’22
4. Feathers Falling Up 6’10
5. Wrapped In Love 6’20
6. Sighs'N Whispers 5’12
7. Arms Wide Open 6’52
8. Desire lJnspoken 4’44
9. Moondrops 5’42
10. Where Time Disappears 5’58

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