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We are living in a time when stress is everywhere and the need to relax and recharge is becoming more and more important. The music of well-being, new age and relaxing are precious allies to appease the agitation which attacks us and their places in the accompaniment towards the inner harmony as well as their usefulness in the activities of well-being is not any more show.


Dany Loriole-Martin, a traditional yoga teacher, also a music lover with varied musical tastes but always delicate in terms of spirit and a particular preference for the music of well-being, is at the origin of the creation of Radio PLENITUDE on September 2, 2010. Since that day, she is the passionate producer in total volunteer work.

"For me, in the continuity of well-being, creating Radio PLENITUDE had become obvious and it remains so after all its years. Continue to provide well-being through music with radio, highlight all the talented composers already known in this field, help to make known all those sometimes less known, help discover new composers, to preview the releases of albums sent by the composers themselves and the various record labels with which I maintain a regular link or do discover them after their release, became an additional passion for me and a some form of commitment in the desire to do the best know these musical compositions that draw inspiration, harmony, serenity, fullness in the same hand of the heart of their composers for whom I never cease to praise their talent."

To the question, why have named my radio, Radio PLENITUDE ? I answer instinctively, "That's how I feel when listening to these musical compositions. A sense of completeness, accomplishment and inner peace, fullness. It is without any hesitation that I gave her this name, his name flowed and always flows for me."

Radio-plenitude.com is well known and appreciated for the particularity of its musical flow. She is heard mainly in France, throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, but also everywhere in the world.

Whether you are in wellness or sport sessions, on a walk, at work or in certain workspaces, at home alone, with friends to create a warm atmosphere, etc... Let yourself be carried away by the soothing, relaxing musical sounds that gently take you to a space where harmony and peace reign and discover great sound spaces that will surprise you with a change of scenery, freedom and well-being they provide leading a clear and serene mind.

We wish you a pleasant listening on Radio PLENITUDE.