Michel François

Michel François


Michel François starts his career very young.
Five years old, Michel takes his first piano lesson and it is a revelation, a new universe opens to him. Michel instinctively knows that now music will be part of his life.
The artist, endowed with a great sensitivity and a lot of charm, is a musician in the soul. He does not stop writing, composing and singing, day and night; inspiration wins. He happily practices guitar, acoustic and electric, drums and synthesizer. The grain of his voice is modulated with ease allowing him a great freedom of variation in his repertoire. His music is in his image, cheerful, lively and tonic.
Michel is a dreamer, a magician who can capsize hearts. Her audience, rather feminine, has no age limit because if the lyrics are more for girls in bloom, her musical compositions have a stimulating maturity that does not escape music lovers of all ages. This romantic young man has charisma ...
His musical passion led him to meet C. Jerome who invites him for a tour through France and Belgium. Michel is only seventeen years old and already he is experimenting his compositions in front of a large audience. Every night, he plays four of his tracks, disco at the time, in front of an attentive crowd.
This artist with a big heart is also an adventurer. For two consecutive years, Michel travels South America (Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia) with only his guitar and his compositions. He plays with many musicians from various schools and rubs the reality: a life of bohemian and galley to satisfy his musical experience. A rich and strong experience that he is not about to forget.
In order to fulfill his dream Michel becomes a music teacher. Thus always in phase with the music, the artist continues his way between scenic representations, writing and composition. He multiplies the exchanges with other musicians of all horizons.
It is in London that Michel will have another revelation. He has always been interested in Anglo-Saxon rhythms and will meet English musicians with whom he shares unforgettable jamming sessions. The artist, who has more than one string on his guitar, will take a leap forward and experiment with new musical forms. When sending an invitation to these musicians meeting, they do not hesitate a moment. It is a flight for Provence to accompany Michel in the realization of an opus fifteen titles: "Love with you".
This passionate musician puts his album "Let's go all out to celebrate" on the market today and hopes that many of you will appreciate it. À propos de Google TraductionCommunautéMobile

Alain Dauzidou is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
Sit back, listen, enjoy...


Let’s go all out to celebrate by Michel François

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