Logos (Stephen Sicard)

Logos (Stephen Sicard)


Stephen Sicard (Logos) is unanimously recognized as one of the most gifted composers of his generation. The musical itinerary of this autodidact has already inspired several periods since 1987, when his first album, Les Couleurs Sonores. But more than the path of a talented musician, the mosaic albums Logos reflects an awareness and commitment that transcends each composition. "I always sought to put in agreement with my way of living my manner of making music, says Stephen Sicard. My inspiration is inseparable from my environment, my family, everything that is dear to me."It is this line of conduct, the force that reflected in each disk Logos, and which explain a wide audience undeniable success over the years. "My music does not want a nice way to weave notes and sounds together. She also expressed awareness of the obligation that is mine to think and act by reconciling the sake of ecology, personal and spiritual development, and the daily practice of the values ​​of tolerance and respect."
The great sound spaces offered by Logos for over twenty years, are all places conducive to relaxation, relaxation and well-being. The power of songs, combined with perfectly restored natural environments, are also involved in the approval of a music that we never get tired of listening in all circumstances.

Logos (Stephen Sicard) is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
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le_royaume_des_anges_2_logos-stephen-sicard Méditation II Le chant de l'âme (2019) - Logos (Stephen Sicard) Le temps des Archanges (august 2017) - Logos (Stephen Sicard) Le Couple Solaire – Féminin Sacré III (Septembre 2016) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) MEDITATION pour une nouvelle conscience (Septembre 2015) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) La Voie du Sage – Tao ll (Janvier 2015) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) L'Eveil de la Déesse (Septembre 2014) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Féminin Sacré (26 Septembre 2013) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Célébration – Best of 1987-2013 (Mars 2013) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Le Royaume des Anges (Janvier 2012) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Harmonia Celesta (Mars 2012) by collaboration Logos (Stephen Sicard) et Michel Pépé Corpus Christi Vol.II (Août 2011) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Corpus Christi (2010) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Evolution (2010) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Elévation (2009) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Espace Intérieur (2009) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Biosphera (2008) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Sephira (2007) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) La Voie du Coeur (2006) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Harmonia Terra (2006) by collaboration Logos (Stephen Sicard) et Michel Pépé Lumière de l'Eau (2004) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Légendes de la Terre et du Soleil (2003) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) L'Arbre de Vie (2001) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Pierres de Lumière (2000) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Elixir (2000) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Les 4 Eléments (2000) by compilation Logos (Stephen Sicard) et Michel Pépé Harmonia Millenium (1999) by collaboration Logos (Stephen Sicard) et Michel Pépé Odyssées (1998) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Edenia (1997) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) La Porte du Ciel (1995) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Les Sources du Temps (1994) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) et Charles Cunin Heliopolis (1990) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) Quintessence (1990) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) La Vallée des Rêves (1990) by Logos (Stephen Sicard) La Lune des Sages (1988) by Logos (Stephen Sicard)

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