WILL DORF is a French composer of Italian origin, born in 1966, recognized in the field of world music and sound zen illustration.
The expression of his talent appears through thirty albums, most of which are published and sold worldwide. His music is used therapeutically in many institutes welfare, health centers / massage, SPA, aquatic centers, offices sophrologie ...
WILL DORF creates a mysterious and mesmerizing chemistry with the listener, and is entering into a wonderful world that creates the rest of the body and mind, then a sense of peace and tranquility will take him in a state of deep escape.
WILL DORF also makes musical identities for motion pictures, commercials, short films, documentaries, reports and other... He is actively involved in creating music in "Music for prod" and "Thanks again Editions", specialized in professional audiovisual production as Cinema Productions, France Television, Canal +, Arte publishers...

Will DORF is part of the musical universe of Radio PLENITUDE.
Sit back, listen, enjoy...


Les Vents Froids (Collection Nature) de Will DORF Les Vents Chauds (Collection Nature) de Will DORF Voyage Abyssal (Collection Nature) de Will DORF  TAI CHI - Relaxation Méditation Music by Will Dorf Opus 30 – Musique pour enfant by Will Dorf Opus 29 – Illustration sonore by Will Dorf World Music – Opus 26  by Will Dorf Reiki by Will Dorf

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