Fleur de Vie - Jacques Y. Fafard & Lise Charbonneau

Fleur de Vie by Jacques Y. Fafard & Lise Charbonneau
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Jacques Y. Fafard & Lise Charbonneau :
Therapeutic music favoring: well-being, deep relaxation in perfect harmony with nature and the universe thanks to a multi-dimensional musical creation to which we have added a frequency of 432HZ and whose musical instruments are tuned to this tuning fork, favoring increase our consciousness and harmonize life with the frequencies of nature and the universe. There will be more joy, happiness and beauty in our everyday experiences.
Nature sounds are also added for: people with reduced mobility, lack of health, those who do not have time and those who want to reconnect with nature.
The musical creation "Flower of Life" and its symbol raises its vibratory rate, purifies, recharges, regenerates, revitalizes the environmental energy of a room.

Sit back, listen, let yourself be carried away by the music, welcome well-being, relax...
We are happy to share his listening on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from february 05, 2020 to march 03, 2020 inclusive before he enters a regular program.
CD 59:35 – 10 titles
Titles : Time
1. Fleur de Vie 5’10
2. Contemplation 6’13
3. Paix, amour et joie 4’38
4. Oasis de paix 5’47
5. Le voyage intérieur 5’49
6. Vortex d'énergie 5’51
7. Océan de vie/td> 7’46
8. Ici maintenant 6’14
9. Sois-toi 5’41
10. Simplicité 7’04

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Thanks to Jacques Y. Fafard & Lise Charbonneau for the note written to our attention on their CD "Fleur de Vie"
as well as the flower of life sticker they sent us at the same time.
We are happy to share this with all of you faithful and new listeners.


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