L'instant Reiki - Damien Dubois

L’Instant Reiki by Damien Dubois (july 2018)
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L’Instant Reiki by Damien Dubois

It's the return of Los Angeles, where he received a prestigious music award for one of his albums, Damien Dubois was asked to compose a sound environment specifically dedicated to reiki and meditation.
For several months, he surrounds himself with great specialists of valuable advice, contacted for the occasion, and built step by step this album, which comes out of his usual musical field. With the creative spirit that we know, Damien DUBOIS composes for the Celtic harp, keyboards, bamboo flute, the bass and haunting, exotic instruments, harmonizing everything in its way and to give happiness to date an album quite exceptional and sumptuous: The moment reiki.
Of exceptional artistic quality, the 10 music titles is naturally linked together for more than an hour, and an audible cue discreet positioned every 3 minutes. The recording quality, the depth of restitution and rich compositions are not only a powerful tool for sound reiki, but also a valuable aid to meditation and relaxation.
Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax ...
We are happy to share its listening on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from august 26, 2018 until september 22, 2018 inclusive before it enters a regular program.
CD 61 mn – 10 titles

Thank you very much Damien Dubois for his dedication made by himself to our attention on his CD "L'Instant Reiki"
We are happy to share it with you faithful and new listeners.

L'Instant Reiki de Damien Dubois

Titles : Time
1. Reiki 1 6’09
2. Reiki 2 6’16
3. Reiki 3 6’05
4. Reiki 4 6’11
5. Reiki 5 6’08
6. Reiki 6 6’06
7. Reiki 7 6’08
8. Reiki 8 6’08
9. Reiki 9 6’07
10. Reiki 10 6’10


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