La Forêt d'Eden - Michel Pépé

La Forêt d’Eden by Michel Pépé (september 2017)
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La Forêt d’Eden by Michel Pépé

Dixit Michel Pépé :
Remarkable invitation to wonder, this album is an ode to the magnificence of the Forest, celebrated for centuries for its beauty and wellness regenerating.
Michel Pépé takes us here in this wonderful paradise of biodiversity to meet the fauna and flora, to give us an idyllic and luminous work, full of serenity and harmony.
Enter majestically in the Forest of Eden, where we hear the heart beat of our planet in order to reconcile and unite man and nature.

Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax...
We are pleased to make you discover it on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from october 07 until november 03, before it enters in a regular programming.
CD 74 mn - 14 titles

Thank you very much to Michel Pépé for his dedication to our attention, this delicate intention made us very flattering.

La Forêt d’Eden de Michel Pépé

Titles : Time
1. Lueur de l’Aube 5’20
2. L’Orée Resplendissante 5’36
3. L’Esprit des Animaux 4’13
4. Senteurs Paradisiaques 5’35
5. Les Arbres de Lumière 5’23
6. La Biche d’Amour 5’45
7. Sources Sacrées 5’33
8. La Mémoire des Pierres 5’06
9. Instant Chamanique 5’54
10. Les Oiseaux Merveilleux 5’14
11. Saisons Eternelles 4’49
12. Le Coeur de la Forêt 4’19
13. La Flore de Vie 5’32
14. Le Respir de la Terre 5’42

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