Moan - Franck Courtheoux - Aimemotion

Moan by Franck Coutheoux alias Aimemotion (June 2013)
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Moan by Franck Coutheoux alias Aimemotion
The road is ahead of us, the path becomes "Light" when our eyes look highest... The outstretched hand elevates souls and our road becomes a trip.
Let yourself transported by these moments of serenity, always in search of the Inner Self until the light.
Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax...
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CD 60 mn - 10 titles

Titles : Time
1. Printemps 3’35
2. Constantine 6’16
3. Celtique 8’21
4. Plénitude 6’25
5. Moan 4’47
6. Ballade 6’17
7. Prophétie Indigo 5’41
8. Au Café d'en Bas 7’49
9. La Boîte à Musique 5’15
10. Avant de Partir 5’44


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