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Mysteria Interiora by Kosmoze his new album 2016
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Mysteria Interiora de Kosmoze

A spiritual musical adventure on the theme of Inner Alchemy and will be guided by the mysterious alchemical formula "Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Occultum Lapidem" which means visiting the interior of the Earth and correcting you, you find the hidden stone. It is a transformation process, concerning the back of the being to the most intimate nucleus of the human person ... which is to say. "Go down deep within yourself and find the nonbreaking nucleus, on which you can build another personality, a new man" For that the human being must accept conquer fears, exceed the duality of the being to find the ONE.
An adventure that brings the listener into strange caverns, mysterious ambience, shadows amid the lights to find the fullness ... This alchemical formula conceals all the transmutation of work of the being in its evolutionary process to perform. This is the work of the Incarnation.
Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax...
We are pleased to make you discover it on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from october 17 until november 16, before it enters in a regular programming.
CD 53,37 mn – 14 titles
Titles : Time
1. Mystervis 3’05
2. Mysterita 3’33
3. Mysterinter 3’51
4. Mysteriorem 2’41
5. Mysterter 3’29
6. Mysterrae 4’13
7. Mysterrectif 4’12
8. Mystericando 5’14
9. Mysterincave 4’24
10. Mysternies 7’38
11. Mysteroccult 2’06
12. Mysterum 2’25
13. Mysterlapi 3’36
14. Mysterdem 3’10

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