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NDE by Rémi Orts Project
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NDE by Rémi Orts Project

Dixit Rémi Orts: One day, like the humanity that preceded us and the one that will replace us, each of us will be confronted with "the afterlife".
Indeed, wedged between a paradise of souls and the reincarnation of beings, the possibility of a sterile death is only a simple, fragile hypothesis. Therefore, the existential questions raised by death, or passage in the first sense of the word, remain unanswered despite advances in knowledge.
Yet, if one listens carefully to their story, many people have lived in the world of troubling experiences, regardless of their culture, religion or social condition. Narrated by adults but also children, these candid and sincere testimonials are key to a tangible beyond.
Medically, it is an NDE near death experience, or near death experience. I had the chance to meet a person 15 years ago who told me his story, his experience. After his NDE, his vision of life, the after, has definitely changed. A magnetism gift was also revealed to her.
Sincere and poignant, his story will have forever marked, not to say fascinated.
I tried to transcribe as faithfully as possible his emotions, during the "passage of the tunnel of light", then on the other side, with the discovery of beautiful landscapes with intense colors, unique sensations, indescribable, then the return we, real rebirth.
Join me in this musical experience, and live this incredible, spiritual, heavenly and astral journey to the world of the paranormal.
Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax ...
We are happy to share its on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from june 07, 2018 until july 04, 2018 inclusive before it enters a regular program.
CD 49'00 - 10 titles

Titles : Time
1. Afterlife 4’36
2. Out of Body Experience 5’09
3. Celestial Landscape 5’39
4. Highlander Resurrection 4’01
5. Peace & Pleasantness 5’29
6. Positive Emotions 3’49
7. Scenes from the Past 6’01
8. Seeing the Light 4’22
9. Transcendental Theories 4’46
10. Where Is Pamela ? 5’27

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