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Nipazen :
With the title NEW WORLD, a page turns, and the old world gives way to the new...
The eagle present in the video clip, this majestic bird, just like the other animals and the plant kingdom, lives in cohabitation with man, to find this harmonious balance where everyone has their place. This is our story for everyone, you, me, but also nature and the whole planet that is concerned.
But what we are also experiencing today is Freedom - or rather its absence, as in the current confinement where we stay at home to preserve our health and that of others - which thus makes us realize that each of us reigns this majestic bird, which asks only to spread its wings, to live in freedom, to love, while respecting the planet which shelters it as well as the others. To respect life, quite simply.
I composed the music for "New World" before the current events, and the coincidences meant that the clip had already been partially prepared before. A theme that affects each of us and our deepest being.
New World will be released on digital platforms on April 25.

Sit back, listen, let yourself be carried away by the music, welcome well-being, relax...
We are happy to share with you her listening on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from April 25, 2020 until May 22, 2020 inclusive before she enters a regular program.



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