Peaceful Moments (Stratosphere) - Rémi Orts Project

Peaceful Moments (Stratosphere) de Rémi Orts Project (march 2020)
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Rémi Orts Project:
The "Peaceful Moments" trilogy ends with this third installment: "Stratosphere".
The Stratosphere is the lung of the earth, the region of the upper atmosphere, currently weakened by global warming. The climate of this album is very spatial, a musical awareness of climate change.

Sit back, listen, let yourself be carried away by music, welcome well-being, relax...
We are happy to share with you his listening on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from April 18, 2020 until May 15, 2020 inclusive before he enters a regular program.
CD 37 mn - 9 tracks
Titles : Time
1. Cosmos Illusion 3’49
2. Magellanic Clouds 4’45
3. Stratosphere 5’02
4. Solar Eclipse 2’29
5. Event Horizon 4’42
6. Above Beauty 5’09
7. The Space Voyager 4’36
8. Magnetic Aura 5’35
9. Move Into Another Dimension 1’00


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