Reiki-énergie de guérison - Jean-Marc Staehle

Reiki - énergie de guérison by Jean-Marc Staehle
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Reiki – énergie de guérison – Jean-Marc Staehle

Source album Jean-Marc Staehle :
A soft music, soothing and of a great beauty that allows the letting go of the patient and helps the therapist to channel the energy of healing.
This luminous and refreshing music will also be the source of beautiful relaxations and meditations.
This album is the third of Jean-Marc Staehle dedicated to Reiki. It follows Reiki Harmonie and Reiki Musique.
With the bell every 3 minutes and without interruption between the pieces.
On sale from April 8, 2019.

Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax ...
We are happy to share his listening on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from april 5, 2019 to may 2, 2019 inclusive before he enters a regular program.
CD 1h 35s – 12 titles
Titles : Time
1. Apaisement et lâcher prise 5’12
2. La source de lumière 4’50
3. Joie et beauté 4’04
4. Les voiles du temps 6’12
5. Les cristaux lumière 5’50
6. Douceur et réconfort 3’26
7. Purification libératrice 4’12
8. Eveil à la vie 5’54
9. Sérénité et légèreté 5’12
10. Matin doré 4’16
11. Présence nouvelle 6’52
12. Berceau de lumière 4’36

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