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Souvenir d'enfance de Sambox (september 2019)
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Since 2004, SAMBOX's music travels around the world, it is present on 60 CD Lounge compilations, chillout, downtempo like Buddhattitude (Georges V), Ibiza Beats, Cafe Solaire ...
His music is also used on various commercial projects like The Hotel & Spa "Das Tegernsee" in Germany, or Sovrin Magazine in Cambodia, but also for cinema in the movie "Nasty Baby" awarded the teddy Award 2015 for the best feature film.
Let yourself be carried away with musical poetry and discover the sweetness of this new classic EP entitled "Souvenir d’enfance".

Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax...
We are pleased to make you discover it on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from october 22 until november 18, before it enters in a regular programming.
CD 14,42 mn - 06 titles
Titles : Time
1. Mon Petit Village 2’24
2. Allée des Pivoines 3’05
3. Rendez-vous à Saint Martin 2’43
4. Mon Petit Glacier 1’50
5. Ma Petite Rose 2’49
6. Le Vieux Moulin 1’51

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