The Never Dying Fire - Anantakara

The Never Dying Fire by Anantakara
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2 years of creation to release this musical ourobouros where the chaos is transcended in a Dense Dance between joy and sorrow coiled in the alveoli of time. Aerial music that carries on other spheres and other time spaces. Immensities in motion, intriguing and improbable journeys, cycles initiated by the subtle beating of the Sacred Heart.
Anantakara Philippe Wauman is a contemplative sound calligrapher, a composer inspired by the caress of the Beautiful and the unlikely frontier of the infinite. In this new album (release July 10, 2017) he explores landscapes nimbus of mystery by opening space time where one follows initiatory journeys with sonorous songs invoking poetic, imaginary and spiritual interiority: the colors of the heart.

Sit back, close your eyes, listen, relax...
We are pleased to make you discover it on Radio PLENITUDE, every day, from august 21, 2017 until september 17, 2017, before it enters in a regular programming.
CD 1:19:32 - 10 titles
Titres : Time
1. Seek Rest in Endless Peace 4’43
2. Aroused from Sleep 8’45
3. Ictus of Infaillibility 7’37
4. Beat of Winged Uniting Souls 6’03
5. Unweave the Stars 6’27
6. Brillance of a Transcient Soul 5’57
7. Glorious Traveler in the Sky ’36
8. Touches of Surpassing Joy 8’41
9. Translucent Grows 8’27
10. Pains and Dramas of Delight 17’16


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